Each Quilt is personalised with attention to detail.  Little Owl Designs creations are made with elegance and beauty in mind. Fabrics are chosen carefully and coordinated to match the unique request of each customer.

Bon Bons

I adore this Bon Bons quilt - it is one of those lovely quilts that makes you think of all things lovely and sweet.  The design of this quilt would be perfect in a little boy or girl's room.  Bon Bons is a modern quilt that is simple in design but elegant in finish.

It has been made with assorted fabrics that are soft and elegant.  The size of this quilt is 30" x 38.5" and so would fit wonderfully on a single size bed.

The use of 100% cotton fabrics gives the quilt a soft, light feel. 

To see this quilt in my Little O(wl) Designs Etsy shop please click here.

Ride with Me

Ride with Me quilt began with the idea of a summer bicycle ride, the smell of fresh grass and warm sunshine.  The design and making of this quilt is perfect for that special little someone to usher them off to sleep with thoughts about dreaming about their next bicycle adventure.  Ride with me is is a modern quilt that is simple in design but elegant in finish.

It has been made with assorted modern fabrics.  The size of this quilt is 51.5" by 59.5" and so would be perfect on a single size bed.

The use of 100% cotton fabrics gives the quilt a soft, light feel. 

You can see this quilt in my shop as well as my Little O(wl) Designs Etsy shop.

A Pirate's Life


This fun quilt, for a baby boy, has been made with adventure in mind.  In developing this gorgeous quilt I wanted to create a sense of playfulness and that the next adventure is only a dream away!

Perfect for a baby's cot.  Made with 100% cotton.

Never be Ordinary Loot, Plunder, Pillage and Play!

Go find some Treasure!

“Go on an adventure, climb a tree, dig in the dirt, slay a dragon, captain a pirate ship, jump in puddles, build a fort, ride a wave”

“Always be yourself, unless you can be a Pirate, and then always be a Pirate”

de beaux reves

The creation of de beaux reves - or sweet dreams began with a desire to create an elegant quilt that would take me back to memories of Paris.  Out of this idea came de beaux reves!  De beaux reves, or simply Sweet Dreams, is a simply gorgeous quilt that is simple in design but elegant in finish.

Each time I look at this quilt I think of lovely mornings spent lounging in bed with a cup of tea (or coffee) by my side and one of my favourite books in hand.

De beaux reves was made to fit wonderfully on a king size bed - 89" x 89".  It was made with 100% cotton fabrics. 

Buccaneer's Dream

Last year I had the privilege of creating this beautiful quilt for a lovely friend’s eldest son.  Like many little boy’s, this gorgeous boy also had dreams of pirate’s.  So what could have been more perfect than creating a pirate quilt that he will have for many years to come, which will bring him sweet dreams as he drifts off to sleep thinking of pirate adventures.  And with that, Buccaneer’s Dream became a reality...

This quilt measures 54" x 68"and is perfect for a single bed.  Made with 100% cotton.

Whoo...loves you?

This sweet little boy quilt - Whoo...loves you? - was so much fun to make.  The inspiration for this quilt came about from the little boy's mum, who like me, absolutely loves owl's.  So, of course when it came to making this quilt it just had to feature an owl in the design .  The result is this playful quilt with a cheeky owl appliqued onto it.

This quilt is  40" x 52" and is made with 100% cotton fabric.

Floral Escapade

This vibrant quilt was made for a couple who had recently redesigned the style of their house.  The house featured predominantly white and black furnishings and they wanted something to bring some colour into their home.  Floral Escapade was designed to do just that - to bring colour and light into their home.

Floral escapade features Amy Butler fabrics throughout the quilt to give it a modern yet elegant look.  The quilt has been designed so that it features diamond shapes in bold colours on the front and a large diamond on the reverse in softer tones.

The quilt is 87 1/2" x 87 1/2" and is suitable for a king size bed.


Starburst is a lovely quilt that features lovely red, brown and cream colours.  The warmth of this quilt is evident not only is the final look but also the luxurious feel it has. 


This quilt is 58 1/2" x 58 1/2" and is made with 100% cotton fabrics.

Once Upon a Time...

When I was asked to make a bespoke baby's quilt for a new baby I couldn't help but be inspired by the Tales of Peter Rabbit as told by Beatrix Potter.  This tale is a classic in which Peter Rabbit is brought to life as a michievious and curious little bunny who loves to explore. 

The Once Upon a Time... quilt has been designed to bring to life the Tales of Peter Rabbit.  This modern yet timeless quilt showcases beautiful Beatrix Potter fabrics together with a selection of coordinating fabrics in soft pink's, yellow's and green tones.

This quilt measures 42" x 42" and is a great size for a crib.  All fabrics are 100% cotton. 


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